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Right Now It’s More Important than Ever to SHOW Your Brand Values

Posted-on April 2020 By HiTalent

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Stop sending blanket COVID-19 emails, and start taking some actual action

We really are living in strange times. People are unsure about what’s going on and everyone’s frightened and more untrusting than usual. Employees are worried that they’re just a cog in a machine that’ll be discarded as soon as the squeeze gets a little bit too uncomfortable for their boss. Consumers are feeling like they’re being bombarded by corporate messages about the current crisis and how much they matter to Big Corporation X

That’s why, at the moment, it’s more important than ever to demonstrate your brand values. You need to assure all of your business’ stakeholders that you’re willing and able to take care of their interests despite everything that’s going on. If stakeholders aren’t convinced that you’re actually concerned about them, employees will become unhappy and unmotivated, and consumers will take their business elsewhere.

Now, the question is, how do you go about effectively presenting your brand in a positive light at the moment? The answer is you need to show both consumers and your employees that you actually care about their wellbeing, it’s insufficient to just tell them that you care. That’s not good enough. 

You can’t just send a catch-all email to your staff letting them know that your thoughts are with them at this time. That’s far too weak. It doesn’t really mean anything. People are concerned about their livelihoods, and sending them such a blanketed, generic message is unlikely to do anything other than irritate them.

So, now it’s clear that it’s not good enough to just let your stakeholders know that you care about them at the moment, how can you show them? How can you actually demonstrate to your customers and staff in some tangible way that you’re considering their difficulties at the moment, and that you’re doing what you can to take care of them?

Now, there are countless ways that you could go about actually demonstrating that you care to your stakeholders, and no one knows what your business can offer better than you. It’s really up to you to determine an effective and creative way to present your brand positively at the moment.

But, if you’re really stuck for ideas, here are a few suggestions for simple ways you can demonstrate that your brand really cares. 
  • If your employees are worried that your industry is being impacted heavily by COVID-19, and that their jobs might be at risk, make sure that you’re frequently letting them know about any and all measures that you’re taking to mitigate these risks. This will help to reduce their anxiety, and will also make it clear to them that you’re aware of their concerns and that you’re doing everything in your power to address them.

  • Don’t be tempted to reduce your workforce at the first sign of financial difficulty. This might reduce your outgoings for the time being, but it will massively damage your internal brand and it will mean that you’ll just have to hire and train new staff once this has come to an end. Not only is this not entirely economically sensible, but it will also result in massively heightened discontentment and a general sense of uneasiness among your remaining workforce. 

You need to demonstrate your internal brand at the moment, to keep your workers happy and motivated, and resorting to large layoffs isn’t going to help that at all.

Now, these first two suggestions are more aimed towards employees, but, as we mentioned earlier, it’s also important to demonstrate that you care about your customers. Again, it just isn't good enough to send a blanket email to all customers telling them that you understand that times are difficult at the moment and that the company hopes that they’re doing okay. 

In reality that’s an empty gesture, and it will do nothing to actually show that your business wants to look after its customers. You need to truly demonstrate to them that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them at the moment.

So, here are some ideas for showing your positive brand values to consumers during COVID-19.

  • If you offer a service that hasn’t been impacted by the virus, you could offer a reduction on costs to help customers that are struggling financially. Or, even better, you could make the service free for key workers for a period of time. This will show your customers that your business is willing to make some sacrifices to look after its customers, and they’ll remember this support going forwards.

  • If your business model has been massively impacted (or even completely halted) by the pandemic, perhaps you could think of creative ways to make your business’ capabilities beneficial to society at the moment. If you’re a restaurant, start offering unused food to vulnerable members of society. If you manufacture clothing, you could use your facilities to help make PPE. If you have vehicles, use them to deliver necessities to people trapped in quarantine. This will demonstrate that you’re committed to helping the community in any way that you can, and will build a massive amount of good-will amongst consumers.

There you go. We’ve explained why it’s so incredibly vital for you to maintain and demonstrate strong brand values during the current crisis, along with some ideas on how you can achieve it. But, in reality, no one knows what your business is capable of at the moment better than you. So now it’s up to you to decide what you can do to effectively demonstrate your brand values both externally and internally, in order to remind your customers and employees why they love your business.


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