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3 Tips for Growing a Happy Workforce

Posted-on April 2020 By HiTalent

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Put the pool table order on hold and follow these steps to foster real happiness in your office

Right now, how many companies are trying to increase employee happiness by providing staff with meaningless treats and toys in the workplace? How many managers do you think have bought a pool table or a coffee machine because they’ve noticed that employee morale is low?

While these treats may offer a quick fix, they don’t actually create any lasting effect. Employees will still be generally unhappy with their role, and a small luxury like a ping pong table will do little more than provide a short distraction. It’s far more important to create a truly supportive and inviting workplace, in which employees can feel content and have the ability to achieve their goals. 

This isn’t as simple as just buying a new workplace gadget. It’ll require some real commitment to establishing a healthy workplace culture, but the results will be truly impactful and will result in employees that are actually content and productive in their roles.

Here’s a list of three strategies that you should implement to foster actual employee contentment in your workplace, to help you get started on your mission.

1. Form consistent, effective dialogue with all of your employees

This is the very first thing you should focus on achieving. You can’t make any meaningful steps towards improving the experience of your employees without actually knowing how they feel when they’re at work. 

You need to make sure that you’re frequently talking to your workforce, asking them about their experiences in working for your company, discussing the positives and trying to identify pain points in their roles.

You could have plenty of clever techniques and strategies to make your office an inviting place, but it’s pretty much impossible to manage your employees happiness without actually talking to them about their experiences in the workplace. It doesn’t need to be you personally talking to all of the employees, it could be their manager or head of department (or anyone, really), as long as the information is making its way back to you.

Now you’ll have a real picture of how it feels to work for your company, and from there you can start to form a plan for making your office as happy as possible.

2. Properly compensate employees for their efforts

It’s easy to think that ‘properly compensating’ employees is covered by offering a competitive salary, a bonus scheme, or providing benefits for good performance. And, of course, these aspects are important, but there is much more to making sure that an employee really feels compensated for their efforts. 

You also need to offer real opportunities for progression, and make career milestones explicit by letting employees know what they need to do to work towards them (and how far away they are). 

It’s also really important to properly recognise when employees go the extra mile. Of course, sometimes members of staff will have to work over their contracted hours. Maybe it’s Quarter End and you’re all rushed off your feet, maybe you’ve got a big product launch approaching. It doesn’t really matter why people have to work late. What really matters is that their commitment is properly recognised.

A really simple and effective way of achieving this is just making time to actually speak to the employee (in person!) and let them know that their efforts have been noticed. This will go a long way to making them feel like their work is worthwhile, and that they’re not just a cog in a machine.

These steps will make employees feel like their efforts are actually being recognised, and this will make hard work feel much more rewarding to them. 

3. Let the employee grow within their job

Many people would think that they had this element covered by giving their employees opportunities to progress in their jobs, which we’ve already mentioned. But, that’s not entirely the case.

Obviously, having career progression opportunities will help in giving employees a tangible goal to work towards, and helps them to actually feel like they’re moving forwards. But this next career step can sometimes feel like it’s a long way away, which can be massively demoralising.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure your employees feel like they are constantly progressing within their careers!

One way to achieve this is holding fortnightly training sessions to educate them on new and more advanced elements of their career. For example, if you have a team of marketing assistants who only use the basics of Google Analytics, you could hold a training session to teach them about the intricacies of the platform, which they’ll need to use in later stages of their career. 

In doing this, even if their next promotion might be months or years away, they’ll still feel like they’re developing professionally, and this will stop them from feeling as though they’re stagnating.

So there you have it; three ways to breed actual contentment in your workplace. Maybe these aren’t the quick five minute fixes that you’d hoped for, but they work, and if you put in the effort you’ll soon have a team of happy, hard working people behind you!


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